Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Ghost in the Choir Loft

In 1982, photographer Chris Brackley took a picture of the interior of St. Botolph's Church found in the Parish of Knottingley, England. The earliest architectural feature of this church has existed since Roman times with updates and refurbishings taking place throughout the centuries. Brackley's aim was to take a photo of the historical nave and chapel of the church. He got more.

High in the church's loft, seen in the upper right-hand corner of his photograph, appears what seems to be the transparent form of woman. Brackley says there were only three people in the church when he took the picture, and none of them were in the loft.

Zoomed in view of the ghost
According to London Paranormal Database Records: "Mr. Brackley was later contacted by a builder who recognized the ghostly face of someone he had seen in a coffin in the church."

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