Saturday, March 13, 2010

Highland Hospital Haunts, Pt. II

This summer, psychic Angelique Clark from Arizona joined one of our Ghost Hunters of Asheville tours, the Haunted Montford Stroll. It always promises to be a livelier evening when someone who is paranormally sensitive joins the tour. This night was no different and, although there were plenty of paranormal sightings along the trail, most of the truly fascinating occurrences happened at the Highlands Hospital site.

The first indication we were not alone came in the form of a whistle. Angelique and another guest were standing apart from the group snapping photos when they heard tuneful whistling. Turning to each other, the duo saw that neither of them was whistling although the source of the sound appeared to be right beside them.

Then, two blocks further on the Highland Hospital complex, Angelique snapped the above photo -- a running figure appearing to be on fire. The photograph was taken on the site of the Central Hall dormitory before it burned to the ground over 60 years ago.

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