Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Pink Lady of Ghost Park Inn

The Grove Park Inn denied it for years: There were no hauntings, no pink apparitions, no ghostly phenomena. But after 80 years of sightings, reports and screams, the Inn could no longer deny it; the Grove Park Inn was indeed haunted by a young woman dressed in a flowing pink gown.
The Pink Lady has been an unregistered visitor of the Grove Park Inn for over 80 years and has been witnessed by senior management, children, maintenance personnel, security. It is told the pink-clad ghost fell to her death in the Palm Court atrium circa 1920. Not so, according to the Asheville Paranormal Society. Their investigations led to communications with the ghost; The Pink Lady told them her name was Katie. Employed as a servant in a wealthy, aristocratic household, Katie says she became pregnant by the master of the house. He had a reputation to protect, a position to safeguard. Katie was pushed from an upper floor of the Inn onto the stones of the Palm Court atrium. She and the baby were no longer inconvenient.

The Pink Lady has been seen in a number of places within the historic Main Inn although the greatest amount of energy and paranormal occurrences seem to revolve around room 545. Among the witnessed accounts:

 Manager of Elaine's, the GPI nightclub: "It's like a real dense smoke -- a pinkish pastel that just flows. It's a real gentle spirit whatever it is." The manager has seen the spirit several times in 5 years.

Although the hotel was closed and locked for the winter, 2 employees saw all the 6th floor guest room lights come on and then off followed by the lights in the Main Inn following suit. The President of the National Federation of Press Women experienced toe tickling in the middle of the night ... twice.

Employees report The Pink Lady likes to manipulate the environment, turning on and off the lights all at once, pulling back curtains, turning on televisions and radios.

Yes, scores of people have seen, sensed and been touched by the spirit of The Pink Lady and, as the unexplained and reports continue to occur, a substantial waiting list grows - of those courageous visitors who want to stay in room 545.

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