Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oujia Board Defined, Part III

Ouija boards are, admittedly, one of the tools we've used in investigations. We've taken all precautions and sometimes the Boards have worked for us and sometimes they haven't. The time it's worked best...

At an undisclosed location(!), we had gotten several photos of an apparition of a bald man in overalls. With the Ouija Board, we found out his name was Edgar. He'd been killed by a knife wound in his side, and despite the police being aware of the murderer's identity, there was never an arrest made. Edgar is understandably miffed. We asked if we could take his picture, he replied affirmatively, and you can see what we captured in the photo above towards the lefthand side. (I see a woman in a long gown though, not Edgar. It's a pretty clear apparition though.) We know Edgar was killed in "80," but are unsure what century as he bid us good-bye.

This was two years ago. In the time since, we've had two affirming eperiences. Someone using a Bob's Box outside the building asked who was present. Three ghosts answered including one named Eddie. Another time we had a youth on a Ghost Hunters of Asheville tour who could talk with spirits. Not knowing this story, he independently told us he'd spoken with a child in front of the building who said he knew Edgar, but he wasn't there right then.

It was a memorable evening. We got a photo of a woman in a mirror, a shadow person and lots of orbs -- the mirror picture as at the right. So yes, Ouija Boards can work. Yes, they can be fascinating. But yes, they can be dangerous. Use with caution.

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New Scientist magazine in the UK reporting on a study of the Ouija: