Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bye-Bye Big Blue

The first few years I did ghost tours, he was there every night -- hovering off the top of the LBJackson Building. He was big, blue and reliable. Night after night, there he'd be. I started thinking of the blue orb as Big Blue.

There was a psychic on the tour one night. A guy that was the real deal. Scarily so. He claimed to be able to look down into graves and see the people buried there. At one of our sites, I'd been told there were four people buried at that location. I told the ghost story and he looked down. "I see six [people], he said. I checked with another source later that week. He was right; there were six.

At the LBJackson Building, Big Blue attached himself to this paranormally sensitive guest. In every subsequent photo for the rest of the tour, there was Big Blue suspended over him. When we returned to the hotel after the tour, the orb sat on his shoulder for the last photo. Big Blue didn't show up at the LBJackson Building for two nights. I've always thought he probably went home with the psychic.

I was new to touring and didn't ask for a copy of the pictures nor his email address. I wish I had; he might have been able to tell me some of Big Blue's secrets -- who he was, where he'd been, why he was there. (I always thought the orb was male.) As it is, Big Blue no longer haunts the LBJackson Building. He disappeared two years ago. Ghost do travel after all.

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wheelsaturnin' said...

I think orbs travel as well, I've lived in 5 different states in 8 years and travelled much. I was going through photos a few weeks ago and noticed an orb around me or one of my son's in several photos-from MD, NC, HI, and other places. Very interesting.