Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Ghuest in the House?

 Many guests on our tour have had the dubious pleasure of living with a ghost. Others think they've lived with a ghost, but aren't quite sure. Here are 10 signs indicating that, well, there might be more residents in your house than you first believed:

1.    An apparition is seen
2.    Unrecognized sounds or voices are heard: unexplained footsteps, music playing, crying
3.    Doors, cabinets or cupboards open or close
4.    Objects move around or even disappear without explanation
5.    Discernible hot or cold spots in the house
6.    Depressions on beds, sofas, or chairs as if someone was sitting or laying there
7.    Lights inexplicably turn on and off
8.    The smell of perfume, cologne or flowers -- source(s) unknown
9.    Feeling(s) of being watched, touched, hugged
10.  Pets watch, cower or bark at seemingly nothing

If some of these occurrences are happening, there are further things to do:
* Call an electrician for the flickering lights.
* Contact an HVAC repairman.
* Keep a log of strange events. The log can aid you in establishing a possible pattern, adds credibility to the haunting claim and can help you to figure out the whos and whys of the haunting.

A final note: It is very rare to witness these phenomena; lights don't turn on or off nor objects typically move right in front of you. Rather a person will leave a room and come back to discover the anomalies in situations where there are no normal explanations.

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