Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ouija Board Defined, Part II

Ouija Boards serve as vehicles or spiritual gateways to facilitate communication between the living and dead. There are, however, sound ways to use them – not only to get good results, but to also use them safely without infiltration or manifestation of evil spirits.

Using an Ouija Board (Safely)

* Draw a closed protective circle of salt around the area where the group and Board will sit.
  • * Don’t use the Ouija Board alone as the planchette can be subconsciously moved. The optimal number is three players, sitting on the floor with legs crossed and knees touching. Contact supposedly helps with spiritual connection.
         * Say an opening prayer to strengthen the group psychically and protect against
            any unfriendly entities.
    * Place a silver coin on the board. Silver can stop an evil presence from leaving the board.
          * Lighting white (the color of goodness and purity) candles is believed to be a form
             of protection.
    * Record the session to capture all information. Recorders work well for this.

    * “Clean” the board before and after use and between each question by moving the planchette back and forth between “YES” and “NO.”
    * If a planchette begins to move in a continuous circle, the spirit is making a portal. Close the board immediately.
    * The planchette moving with figure 8 movements indicates the devil, evil spirit or demon. Again: Close the board immediately.
    * If the planchette moves to “GOODBYE” on its own, end the session. Allow the spirit to leave.
    * Close the Board by moving the pointer to “GOODBYE” and flipping it. This is critical. If not properly closed, a spirit may remain with the board and/or manifest itself physically.
    * Many people say a closing prayer. The least that should be done is thanking the spirits for their time.

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