Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Ghost of Boothill Graveyard

This photo is listed on many Best Paranormal Photo websites although it is one that would be easily duplicated. Yet the photographer, Terry Ike Clanton, insists the person in the background was not there when he took the photograph.

"This is the photo that changed my opinion about ghost photos," says Terry Ike Clanton, recording artist and cowboy poet. Clanton took this photo of his friend (in the foreground) at Boothill Graveyard. The photo was taken in black and white because Clanton wanted Old West-looking pictures in 1880-period clothes. Clanton took the film for developing to the local Thrifty Drug Store and was startled when he saw an image of a thin man in a dark hat among the gravestones. The man’s height seems to suggest he is either legless, kneeling... or rising up out of the ground.

Clanton believes the figure is holding a knife. "We thought this was a tie at first, but after further review, it appears to be a knife," Clanton says. "The knife is in a vertical position; the tip is located just below the figure's right collar. If you're not convinced that something is weird here, look at my friend's shadow in the photo. It appears to be going back slightly to the right of him. The figure in the back should have the same shadow, but it doesn't!"

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