Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adopted by a Ghost

We get phone calls from folks believing their homes to be haunted: they hear unexplained footsteps, objects move around, lights dim, unrecognized voices heard. These people call wanting verification of a paranormalen boarder. Are there ways to know for sure?

Well, maybe not for sure (further investigation will be needed), but ghosts do leave signs indicating their presence. Here is a list, and the more you have, the surer you can be that a ghost has adopted you and is likely just trying to communicate.

Use your senses:
-- See them... an apparition or an indentation on a sofa or bed as if someone is (or was) sitting on the furniture.
-- Hear them... making noises around the home: footfalls, bells ringing, doors or windows closing.
-- Smell them... a specific scent that is remindful of them: perfume, cologne, flowers.
-- Feel them... a pat on the back, tug on the hair.
-- View them... objects moving around the room or photographic anomalies such as orbs, ectoplasm or apparitions in pictures.
-- Experience them... extremely cold spots, visions, dreams, moved or missing objects, or even electrical disturbances (lights blinking, telephones and doorbells ringing with no one there).

Many incidents can be explained. Have an electrician check out the flickering lights. Call the HVAC repairman to explain the cold spots. Keep better track of your things. Keep furniture fluffed.

Most importantly: Keep a log of strange events to validate any claims of haunting. This will help any paranormal investigator and help you remember all the interesting incidents for those cocktail parties!

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