Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The "Power to the People" Ghost(s)

It is perhaps the most haunted part of our downtown tour -- where bodies reportedly lie, digital recorders capture ghostly voices, and apparitions are sometimes spotted. The photo below was taken in this Hall of Spirits, more publicly known as The Presbyterian Memorial Garden. What makes it all the more tantalizing is that the horde of Presbyterian paranormal treasures is guarded by a wizened, cantankerous Keeper of the Spectral Trust.

Gee whillikers. It's a public place. Other than the occasional arse momentarily gracing one of their benches, we don't touch a thing. We're there all of 1/10 of an hour. It just shouldn't be this hard. But, for some reason, it is. As we craftily spin tales and flash our cameras, Mr. Cranky has burst forth from the church to yell at us. He's threatened police. (Pardon this show of Southern hospitality, oh esteemed guests of our fair city. Not to mention the curious lack of Christianly tolerance and niceties.)

But now it would seem the ghosts have taken sides.

He must have been lying in wait Saturday night, for as soon as one tennis-soled foot touched the garden bricks, flying from the doors he winged -- shooing us with cartwheeling arms and an invisible apron. The gate clanged shut and was locked in our faces.

It was the only lock Mr. Cranky would turn this night. The ghosts were not amused, locking Mr. Cranky out from the safer confines of his Church. Repeatedly swiping the key did him no good until, in disgrace, he had to come back through the garden and wind his way through our tittering throng.

So now we know: There's at least one ghost at the Presbyterian Church who believes in Power to the People!

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