Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Not Just About Water Anymore

People have been dowsing for centuries for a variety of reasons: to find underground water, determine the sex of an unborn child, locate unmarked graves, find lost items or pets, receive spiritual guidance on important issues, and to detect bodily illness. On our Ghost Hunter of Asheville tours, we dowse using L-shaped rods to help determine the presence of paranormal energy. The rods move when an energy field is present. Most of our guests experience dowsing activity on our tour and some report a feeling of energy moving up into their hands and arms.

The American Society of Dowsers believes that everyone possesses the innate intuition to sense and respond to unseen energies. How does dowsing work? It's not entirely known although common beliefs are that either (1) The unconscioius mind causes slight movements of the hand muscles, (2) The interaction between body and earth energy fields cause a force in the rods so they move, or (3) Spiritual guides or activities move the rods indicating their presence or to answer a dowser's specific question.

Rods move in the direction of detected energy. In the following video, Crewe and Nantwich England Tour Guide, Tim Prevett, demonstrates an experience in which he was obviously surrounded by a lot of energy! Tim wrote: "The most spectacular dowsing I have ever experienced, at a church, remaining unnamed, in Wales. It felt as if I was plugged into an electric generator, and got static shocks from the dowsing rods all day. I had never experienced anything quite like it before, or since. Taken there by a Druid. Video credit to a friend called Alan."

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