Friday, January 8, 2010

They're Ba-a-a-ck!

The activity began with a blip in one spot. The activity was EMF readings off the charts. The spot was at the corner of Patton and Haywood across from the S&W Cafeteria building.

Ghost Hunters of Asheville use ghost meters on our tours. From that one blip, the meter readings occurred nightly and, over the ensuing weeks, grew stronger. Eventually, the ghost meters would ring out more than a block away from the Steak and Wine Restaurant. We also got high EMF readings down the side of the DRHUMOR Building on Church Street. Oddly, all meters stopped when we reached the end of the building.

Then ... it just all went away the Monday after July's Bele Chere weekend. Not a single red blip. Didn't know why. Not very happy about it. Tours not as much fun. But ...

THEY'RE BACK! The readings began in both locations one night in early November. As strong and consistent as ever.

I don't know why the energies seem linked. I don't know why the ghosts left. I don't know why they came back. I'm just glad they did. It makes our Ghost Hunters of Asheville tours a LOT more fun!

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