Sunday, January 17, 2010

Right Out of the Blue

Ghost Hunters of Asheville always recommend our guests put their photographs on a computer to both get a larger view of interesting images plus have the added capability for zooming in on those images. The following photographs illustrate this perfectly.

The Story Behind the Photo
For his birthday, Kristi Moore surprised her husband with two tickets to our Ghost Hunters of Asheville downtown tour. A spirit made a guest appearance for their celebration.

Chad Moore took the picture above in front of the Central United Methodist Church. See if you can find the orb; it takes a careful look. To be honest, I missed it at the first look-see and, when I did notice it, I thought it so small I would never have enlarged it myself. And there's the lesson in all this: Never overlook ANYTHING.

Chad Moore didn't overlook anything and was rewarded with an image the like I've never before seen -- a spirit seemingly in the act of emerging from a blue orb. A green face looks toward the left. The eye, nose, and slight grin of a young child can plainly be seen.

What a treasure! Thanks, Chad!

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