Thursday, October 15, 2009

What is Going On at the Battery Hotel?

Built in 1924, Asheville's 14-story Battery Park Hotel is currently inhabited by three known spirits. We've frequently gotten paranormal photographs at the Hotel, but some Ghost Hunters of Asheville guests have run into a recent problem: They are unable to take a photograph of the TOP of the hotel. This has happened twice in the past five outings. Pictures of the main lower story clearly appear, but when some people try to photograph the upper stories, they get only a black screen. Not a dark screen, mind you. A totally BLACK screen. Switching back and forth, top to bottom, multiple photographs, these guests get repetitive results: Perfect pictures on ground level, black photos above. I've been told that ghosts are blocking energy from the camera, making it impossible to take a photograph.  The real question is, though, what are the ghosts trying to prevent us from seeing? Hm-m-m.

Photo courtesy of City Development, City of Asheville, North Carolina

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