Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ghosts Over the Pond

Tim Prevett

We get guests from all over the United States and even some beyond our borders -- most recently the Bahamas and Britain. Tim Prevett, the British fellow, joined the Ghost Hunters of Asheville downtown tour and was a sheer delight as he is a fellow ghost tour guide and ghost hunter back in the UK. He runs two tours -- one in Crewe, the other in Nantwich. Tim Prevett started running ghost tours back in 2007, and while in the States, went on a few of the spirit hunts we feature here. It was the greatest of fun to compare experiences, photos and war stories while he was here. Although we stay in touch via the Internet, he is most certainly missed.

Tim says that American tour guests differ quite a bit from those in England. While Americans tend to quickly and eagerly embrace that they've captured orbs in their photographs, Brits are quite the opposite: "A spot of dust." "It must be a night fly." "A sprinkle of water."  Tim says they are so cynical, they come up with any semblance of reason why the image is not an orb -- the very opposite of  Americans. There is probably more reality to their perspective, but I have to think that our way tends to be more fun!

Tim is an excellent photographer. You can check out his stuff at (Feel free to weigh in with any corrections or info, Tim.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

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