Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Patterns We (Don't) See

I've been doing ghost tours for 18 months now and have uncovered some paranormal patterns as they relate to weather, age, et.al. Others may have different experiences, but on the Ghost Hunters of Asheville tours we've discovered:

*  There is more paranormal activity if there's a chill in the air.
*  Ghosts will be scarcer if it's been an overly hot, humid day.
*  The worst night for ghost-hunting is a sky overcast with heavy gray clouds pregnant with rain that doesn't fall.
*  The full moon does not make a quantifiable difference in our paranormal sightings.
*  Dogs have been of no help in locating spirits on our tours -- although they are very welcome and add a lot of fun to a tour.
*  Pre-teens get the best paranormal photos. Their energy, enthusiasm and over-the-top clicking of photographs nets them awesome photographic results.

We'll keep observing and record any more info as we continuing touring.

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