Friday, October 30, 2009

The Flying Nun

I entered this business unconvinced about the reality of ghosts -- unsure, but open to their existence. Now, 18 months later, I must admit: There IS something out there. This photograph was one of those instances that made me draw this conclusion.

The Story Behind the Photo
Chris Krukar of Louisville, KY took this photo on one of my tours on Church Street -- one of Asheville's two most haunted pathways. When I first saw it, I immediately thought/ sensed it was a nun. Yet, this made no sense; there are no Catholic churches on Church Street.

Two weeks later, I uncovered a ghost story that explained it all. Apparently, the Trinity Episcopal Church once had priests and nuns in service. The nun met an untimely and sordid end (this tale is told in detail on the Ghost Hunters of Asheville Downtown Interactive tour) and her restless spirit haunts the area. This picture was taken on the street corner across from the Trinity Episcopal Church. It took a few psychics and some investigative research to uncover the nuances of the story, but my first intuitive thought was correct: This spirit is a nun.


Carol_Iliou said...

I don't see anything looking like a nun, Deb. Can you point out where we should be looking?

Ghost Lady Deb said...

Here you go, Carol. I've put a white oval around her. Sorry. I'll start pointing things out better in photos.