Monday, October 12, 2015

The Ghosts of the Haywood Park Hotel

Our facebook post for October 12, 2015, chronicled a TripAdvisor review telling of the guests' paranormal experience during their stay at the Haywood Park Hotel. The review referenced an earlier TripAdvisor post speaking of a paranormal event. Here is that post:

New Orleans
Reviewed December 6, 2011

"Am I the only one who had a paranormal experience at this hotel??? It's a great place to stay but I got really scared so we checked out one day early. This was back in January of 2007. I woke up around 1:45am to use the bathroom. I was in one of the beds with my young daughter and my husband was in the other. The suites are large (very nice) and as I walked toward the bathroom, I could hear a man and a young girl conversing back and forth. It was very muffled but I heard it. I back [sic] up to check on my daughter and husband and of course, they were both sound asleep like they were seconds before when I got out of bed. As I got closer to the bathroom, I heard a little girl's voice singing "lalalalala..." very faintly. I couldn't understand why I would hear someone talking in another room? outside the hotel room door? -- because it was the beginning of January and the hotel was virtually empty. I thought only 3 of the 8 rooms on the floor were taken. Also, why would a young kid be awake at the time of the morning? Anyway, I proceeded into the bathroom and as I'm about to sit on the toilet, very LOUD in my ear, I head a man's voice say "GOOD MORNING!" It scared me sooo much!

I ran out the bathroom hitting my thigh on the point of the dresser. Jumped back into the bed with my daughter and just lay there quietly, listening. Never heard anything else and eventually I drifted off back so sleep. I told my husband about it first thing in the morning. It was so surreal but I know what I heard! This happened on our 2nd night there and although we checked out one day early, it was not because of the hotel itself, which I thought was really nice. If you want to try and have an encounter with something "unknown" -- I would recommend staying there.

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