Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Legend of Azzurrina

Ugolinuccio Malatesta did not understand this poor twist of luck. He was the feudal lord of a magnificent castle, Castello di Montebello Terriana, he had magnificent holdings, envied by all far and wide... but now his newborn daughter, Guendalina, had been born an albino. She would be considered evil and burned at the stake as were all albinos in 1375 A.D. Italy.
"Do not worry, my love. I have a plan. It will work," his beloved wife told Ugolinuccio. And so it was that Guendalina's white hair was dyed with natural herbs. Unfortunately, albino hair did not hold color well, and the child's locks turned a bluish tint. With her eyes also a light shade of blue, she earned the nickname Azzurrina or Little Blue One. She spent most of her time in the castle since her pale skin did not tolerate sun well.

The time came when castle staff was busy with preparations for the approaching summer solstice celebration. Azzurina's father gave her a new red rag ball to entertain her and keep her out of the way. The child was enchanted with the new toy -- rolling, throwing it into the air, and kicking it. Down the stairs it rolled into a basement room with Azzurrina fast behind, laughing gaily.

Azzurrina would never be seen again. She would, however, be heard: laughing, crying, running, yelling "Papa, Papa, I'm here!" every five years on June 21st, the summer solstice.

On June 21, 1990 (the summer solstice), an investigative team came to the castle armed with ghost-hunting equipment. Not only did they capture recordings of the aforementioned sounds, but an apparition of the small girl was also seen holding her red ball. Investigations have since commenced every five years on the summer solstice with "Azzurinna activity" always being captured with paranormal equipment.

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