Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Ovilus Speaks to Us

Ghost Hunters of Asheville Tours has begun using the ghost-talking Ovilus on their Haunted
Montford Strolls! We recently spoke to Chattanooga Ghost Tours who has used the Ovilus for two years with excellent and satisfying results. We decided to bring the Ovilus on board for the Montford tour to extend guests' experience with different types of paranormal equipment. We're still using the digital thermometers, EMF meters and dowsing rods on the Downtown Spirits Tour.

The Ovilus is going to be a LOT of fun. It was developed by Bill Chappell, a retired electronics engineer, to facilitate communication with ghosts. The Ovilus measures and interprets environmental energy fields and translates these into audible speech using a synthesizer chip, 512-word dictionary, and 71 phonetic syllables-- the latter to report words not in the dictionary. Mr. Chappell specifically states his devices do not employ any type of random generation, sweep functioning or programmed algorithms for results.

The Ovilus has seven modes: (1) Dictionary, (2) Q&A, (3) Phonetic, (4) Reverse Phonetic, (5) Touch, (6) White Noise, (7) Energy Scope, (8) Draw, (9) Utility, and (10) Sync. These various settings allow users to measure energy, ask questions, "hear" ghosts, and even sync the Ovilus to other ghost-hunting equipment. A speech synthesizer utters the words while also spelling them across a screen.

As with everything paranormal, there are cheerleaders and naysayers and mixed reviews. The fun, though, will be in the journey and the experience. Come join us!!

The Haunted Montford Stroll operates on Friday and Saturday evenings from April through November, weather permitting. Call 828.779.4868(HUNT) for further information, times, and reservations or visit us at

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Wanted to share a letter to all GHOST HUNTER, written by J.S. Thompson-Medium-Mystic for those that may have an interest in reading…..

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