Monday, May 13, 2013

Paranormal Goes Way Beyond Boo

Paranormal: The word conjures up visions of mist, ghosts, disembodied voices, and transparent apparitions. Yet the current theory of the supernatural is far more involved; it is even suggested our brains are incapable of imagining the big picture.

It's all about "The String Theory" which, simply put, states there are dimensions beyond the three we inhabit. Although invisible to us, these other parallel dimensions exist very close to our own. Scientists posit there may well be inhabitants in these other dimensions and, when the planes of two dimensions collide, there appears a brief window into the other world in which those inhabitants can be seen. This could be then a partial explanation of shadow people or apparitions. Perhaps even residual energy.

In other words, think of a particular piece of ground as a hotel. It's the same plot of ground, but there are different people and different activities going on in each dimension (or floor) of that spot. When planes collide, we sometimes see and capture pictures of those people and activities.

This picture illustrates one facet of this idea. Taken in the backyard of 1900 Inn on Montford, the spectres are hovering above the ground because, according to a psychic who investigated the property, these forms are the ghosts of 2 men and a woman (middle figure) who were alive in 1896 before the house was built. They are standing on what they knew to be the ground before it was graded and altered for the house to be constructed. Navigating in the pre-house world of 1896, they do not know the house is there.

In another curious episode, Matt Canfield of the Mississippi Paranormal Society told Ghost Hunters of Asheville a story relayed by a T.A.P.S. TV show member. According to this cast member, T.A.P.S. established communication with a ghost via an EMF meter: One blink = yes, two blinks = no. When asked if they saw us as shadow people, the ghost replied affirmatively: Yes!

Lastly, in a belief long held by psychics, scientists are now beginning to look at small particles as vibrations that are beginning to mesh with those of other dimensions, thereby increasing the recent number of experiences we're now having with ghosts and shadow people.

To see these theories in action, watch the movie "The Caller" which is currently streaming on Netflix. It illustrated these principles beautifully and understandably -- while giving the viewer a chill or two.

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