Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All Ghosts: Say Cheese! (Part II)

"Knowledge is Power." That includes knowing how to increase your odds in getting a true paranormal photo. We continue our tips:

13. Set your camera appropriately for conditions. Night-time settings for night-time scenes.  The camera lens is open longer on low-light settings so hold the camera as steady as possible or you'll get self-created light squiggles.

14. Don't take photos of merely a clearing. Objects in the photograph add perspective and help with mild reflection.

15. Avoid lens flair by having light sources away from, or behind, you.

16. Flash only carries 15 feet. Any anomalies will be highlighted by flash within its 15-foot range.

17. Camera flash in a mirror's reflection can create what appears to be vapor, mist, and fog. Avoid them in photos.

18. Most ghost energy will appear 2 to 10 feet above the ground. With buildings, paranormal energy can appear at any level or height of a structure.

19. The best time of year for ghost-hunting is in the colder months, October through February, when electrostatic energy is at its strongest levels. The cold, however, only affects manifestations other than orbs. Orbs seem to be equal-opportunity seasonal appearances.

20. Ghosts are attracted to people. Curious, they hover to see what people are doing or hear what they're saying. Take pictures of people with space above their heads and to one side so there is room for anomalies to present. You also might try aiming your camera back over your shoulder to see who is following you!

These pointers will give any prospective ghost hunter a stronger start towards capturing a glimpse of other worlds. Good luck! Your paranormal album begins now!

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