Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All Ghosts: Say Cheese! (Part I)

Capturing a ghost on film always involves a rather large dose of luck. There are, however, things you can do to increase your chances of obtaining an authentic, paranormal photograph. The following tips will help you win that Paranormal Photo Lottery!

1.  Realize it's a numbers game. The more photos you take, the greater your odds for a paranormal photo. Sources say the odds of catching an anomaly is 1:50 so take lots of pictures!

2.  Ghosts are everywhere all the time. They just don't always show up on film even though they're there.

3.  Take photos at night using a flash. Yes, ghosts can show up on daytime photos, but the odds of photo capture increase with evening hours.

4.  ANY type of camera will capture a ghostly image, even throwaways.

5.  Ghosts are EVERYWHERE; they're not just in cemeteries or old buildings. Take a picture whenever, and wherever, the mood strikes you.

6.  If using film, go with 400 speed. It's a great all-purpose film that works in most conditions.

7.  Avoid taking pictures of objects with shiny surfaces such as glass or polished tombstones.

8.  Don't take photos through a glass window as it can create shapes that aren't there. The older, wavy glass is the worst.

9.   Keep a spotless camera lens. A smudge can cause false anomalies to show up in pictures.

10. Keep stray objects away from the camera lens: camera strap, lens cover, thumb, fingers. Long hair should be tied back.

11. Never take pictures when it's windy, foggy, rainy, dusty or snowing. Particles in the air can translate into non-ghostly orbs. A false reading.

12. Hold your breath when taking pictures in cold weather. Exhaled breath can appear as ectoplasmic mist (fog) in the picture. Another false reading.

Stay tuned for the next blog: All Ghosts: Say Cheese!  (Part II)

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