Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Even a Full Moon

It's different every night when The Ghost Hunters of Asheville Tours hit the streets. You never know what paranormal activity will be out there. You never know what photographic evidence will be captured. You never know how the group will gel -- or not. You never know if a pop-up rainstorm will suddenly appear. You also never know what unusual, non-paranormal experiences may occur. But if I assure you, if there is such a thing as the Ghost Tour from Hell, the following one qualifies:

* A clean-cut youth approached the group, begging us for LSD. Are you kidding me?! For such a stupid move with a .00000000000000001% chance of success, he'd already had too much of something for such lack of judgment.

* Another guy was running alongside the smallest toy Chihuahua I've ever seen. “Hurry! Hurry!” he kept yelling in hopeful encouragement. Sorry, dude, but those 2" legs can only move so fast.

* A woman asked me to drive her to Weaverville (you bet, will abandon this tour right now) because her son had been in a car accident with an ex, blah, blah, blah. There was no extra charge for satisfying our group's soap opera fix.

* The group was approached by a man in mad search of a restaurant that he was standing right in front of.

* We were approached by a suited-up gentleman claiming to be an attorney and owner of a haunted building on the tour. "Treat it with respect," he implored us. What does that mean? Dim the lights on our camera flashes? Speak in hushed tones as we impart the building's sordid history?

Yes, folks, it was a wild night on the Asheville streets that night. And it wasn't even a full moon! Thankfully, the group had a great sense of humor. And despite all the extra-curricular excitement, we STILL got plenty of those guaranteed paranormal photos!

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