Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Tulip Staircase Ghost

Fourth in a Series of Famous Paranormal Photographs.

This 1966 photograph was snapped by retired clergyman Ralph Hardy in the Queen's House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. When taking the photograph of the property's elegantly spiraled "Tulip Staircase," Hardy also inadvertently captured a shrouded figure appearing to be climbing the stairs, holding the railing with both hands. Experts, including some from Kodak, have examined the original negative and concluded there had been no tampering. Unexplained figures and phantom footsteps have always been reported in the vicinity of this staircase.

This 400-year-old Queen's House has hosted many paranormal occurrences: the choral chanting of children, slamming doors, and the pinching of tourists by unseen fingers. Other apparition sightings have included the figure of a woman frantically mopping blood at the bottom of the Staircase -- reportedly from an incident 300 years ago when a maid was thrown from the highest banister, plunging 50 feet to her death.

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