Friday, April 9, 2010

The Tipping Point

It's been a hellacious winter. Schools have missed between 11 - 16 days of school, thousands of trees downed by heavy snow and ice, 50,000+ homes without power for days. Ghosts don't mind; they're always out. And so apparently are ghost hunters -- even when maybe we shouldn't be??!

Take the above group for example. They set Ghost Hunter of Asheville's all-time record for braving the cold to seek spirits. The stats:

* Wind Chill Advisory
* Wind: 33 mph
* Temperature: 13.7 degrees
* Humidity: 84%
* Wind Chill: 7 degrees

We had numerous tours when it was exceedingly cold this winter. So many that I had to finally implement a 20 Degree Rule . . . If windchill was less than 20 degrees, we wouldn't go out. That didn't stop paranormal enthusiasts calling on those nights though. Now THAT'S hard core ghost hunting! :)

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blueyedbratface said...

Hi Debbie~
Sherry here, did you use the pic of the "man and woman" that I took?
I can't seem to find it