Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Man in the Basement

The S&W Cafeteria has been featured before on this blog, but with all its Asheville and paranormal history, it's more than worth a second glance.

This time it's the basement of the Cafeteria that grabs our attention. There have long been tales of employees "hearing" and "feeling" things downstairs, but here is substantive photographic proof that someone, indeed, lurks there.

This image was taken by former manager Brad Boughton. Brad was alone in the basement taking pictures when he reportedly felt "something" and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He snapped this picture and captured ... well, something.

Some people see a woman, some see a man. What is clear is that there is something in the corner. Some type of disturbance, some irregularity in the light and brick. Someone perhaps enjoying a last tipple in a place that holds some of their dearest memories.

You can now make some special memories of your own in the basement of the S&W Cafeteria where the Funny Bones Comedy Club recently opened. Or come join us on a Ghost Hunters of Asheville tour and share other memories of ghosts long past.

Thanks, Chad Moore, for the zoom and cropping job!

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Tim said...

...also I see there are at least two orbs on the picture!