Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spirits Are Not Ghosts, Ghosts Are Not Spirits

When conducting tours for Ghost Hunters of Asheville, I'm always aware of using the terms "spirit" and "ghost" appropriately. These terms are oftentimes used interchangeably, but shouldn't be paranormally speaking. Although both a ghost and a spirit involve the soul of a once living person or animal and can manifest as orbs, there are nonetheless a multitude of differences between them. I think the differences are worth noting since their dissimilarities can tell us important things about any apparitions we may be lucky enough to run across.

According to Millers Paranormal Research, ghosts are earthbound entities that, when appearing as apparitions, look as they did upon death. They remain the same age, display wounds that may have been received and are dressed in the same clothes as when passing from life. Ghosts can be rather mischievious beings, announcing their presence by making noise and moving objects.

In contrast, spirits are souls that have passed into The Light and are able to move between worlds. A halo of light commonly surrounds a spirit. They are able to manifest however they choose in terms of age and dress. Typically visiting or passing through, spirits do not engage in the same impish activities attributed to ghosts.

Below are examples of what I believe could be two spirits and a ghost. (These photos will be featured in upcoming "Story Behind the Photo" blogs.)

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