Monday, December 7, 2009

Barley's Big Boo

I've always said Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria has outstanding pizza, unbelievable beer selection, and the greatest of ghosts. The paranormal sightings and stories abound. Just ask any employee!

The Story Behind the Photo
Many folks choose to go on our Ghost Hunters of Asheville tours for birthday celebrations. And so it was on an evening about a month ago when it was "Aunt Katherine"'s 50th birthday. Joined by a newly wedded couple who were newbies to the ghost tour experience, we headed out into the night for adventure. There was a lot of activity, but even I wasn't expecting what (or who?) we found.

While relaying Barley's various paranormal tales, Melissa Ennis had the epiphany we females should hit their women's restroom on the first floor -- the origin of many a spookily told spiel. The men gallantly waited while we women excitedly filed into the small bathroom. It was empty, lights were turned off, and the lightbulbs on cameras started popping.

Melissa captured the above image. As sometimes happens, the form appeared clearer on the camera than it subsequently has on paper or computer, but the figure of a ghostly face can still be seen. It would seem the bathroom was more crowded than we'd at first thought!

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