Sunday, April 29, 2012

Defining Shadow People, Pt. III

They called it the Supermoon. On March 18th, 2011, the moon would be closest to our earth than it had been in 18 years. It would appear noticeably larger and brighter in all its full-status glory, and although a full moon has never really influenced our ghost-finding results, this Moon -- Super as it was -- proved a different story. Particularly when coupled with the prodigious paranormal powers of the LBJackson Building.

The LBJackson Building has always reputed to be a sensational place for haunted happenings. Thirteen individuals have purportedly jumped from the structure and our photographic evidence has been as varied as streaks, orbs and now shadow people.

This post includes an original photograph taken by a guest on the night of The Full Moon with a shadow person clearly seen in one of the windows.

The only other sighting we've had in four years is pictured below, taken during a paranormal investigation. The shadow person can be seen in the open doorway with its ubiquitous glowing eyes. The top of its head is clearly seen breaking up against what should be the even horizontal line of the wainscotting in this particular room.
For the definition of shadow people, see blog entry Defining Shadow People, Pt. 1. Pt. II outlines the prevailing theories of how these entities exist.

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