Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shadow People Defined (Pt. 1)

Haven't we all seen something move out of the corner of our eye -- only to turn and look ... to see nothing? Paranormalists term this as a shadow person phenomenon. Commonly described as black, human-like silhouettes, shadow people are called thus because they appear as, well, a shadow. Sightings have been reported all over the world (most frequently in Rhode Island and North Carolina in the U.S.) and most commonly in homes. Shadow ghosts of animals have also been reported.

Shadow people are dark in color (shadow-like), appear vaporous, and although lacking details in appearance, can have glowing red or yellow eyes. Observers of shadow people say these forms appear at the edge of their field of vision for only a brief second.

On our Ghost Hunter of Asheville tours, shadow people have been captured on film in building windows. Because of their density, light will not pass through them and they can cast a shadow which shows up in a photograph as demonstrated above and below.

Next Up: An intriguing theory and what a TAPS investigator had to say. Stay tuned for Shadow People Defined, Pt. 2!

(Note: These are unverified photographs.)

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