Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do You See What I See?

Matrixing: The phenomenon occurring when the human brain, presented with a random set of patterns, attempts to make sense of what it is seeing. Finding pictures in clouds and the Man in the Moon are two examples and, while matrixing is responsible for our abilities to read and recognize one another, it also commonly leads to misidentification in the paranormal field -- literally "seeing" what is perhaps not there. Human faces, skulls and figures are the most commonly matrixed images.

So how to know if you really have "something"? Grant Wilson of TAPS posts the following suggestions:

(1) Tree branches, mirrors, shiny furniture, cluttered closets and glass are a few of the prime candidates of matrixing issues. Their complex shapes and patterns hold a higher potential for the mind to construct a face or body out of something that isn't there.

(2) The face or figure should not appear to be part of the surrounding material. In Wilson's words: "If the picture is of a forest ... look to see if the face is made up of the brances and leaves from the trees ... or if the face is separated from then and [is] a completely separate material from the trees."

(3) Consider facial and body proportions. These should be of realistic proportions and not cartoonish.

This blog includes 3 photographs in which guests have claimed to see paranormal images. What do you think?!


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Tim said...

The cemetery picture - I instantly see a person hanging from a tree - the elipse highlighting it slighty truncates the length of the noose. 51% convinced!

The wisps: breath or cigarette smoke caught in a flash. 0% convinced!

Tim :o)