Sunday, February 28, 2010

They Keep Going and Going and Going...

Ghosts need energy to manifest and move, but cannot create their own energy sources. Their solution is to steal the energy needed. Unfortunately for our Ghost Hunters of Asheville guests, this oftentimes includes energy from camera batteries.

Such ghostly thefts appear to run in cycles on our tours. Cameras remain undisturbed for a few months, then run out of juice nightly for 2 - 3 weeks. We always tell guests to come touring with full camera power and perhaps extra batteries "just in case". We also sell batteries along the Ghost Hunters of Asheville tours.

To all those guests who have experienced the frustration, for those who have said, "I thought you were kidding about the batteries", to the gentleman who lost all energy on just one shot at our tour's most haunted location... The following article is of importance -- as it it to any ghost hunter, really. Failure of equipment guarantees a lack of results.


What are the Longest-Lasting Batteries?
by Althea Chang
Sunday, February 21, 2010

Store brands may save you money on household necessities, but generic batteries might not be your best bet, according to recent tests comparing name brand and store brand batteries.

CVS AA Long Lasting alkaline batteries didn't actually last longer than other batteries tested under the same conditions by Consumer Reports. In fact, those generics had less than half the power as Panasonic Evolta alkaline batteries, Consumer Reports found.

Among the longest-lasting AA batteries overall were Energizer's Ultimate single-use lithium batteries, which took 678 pictures before dying, compared with 92 shots taken with a camera using the CVS batteries. As a group, lithium batteries lasted the longest, but budget-friendly rechargeable batteries performed nearly as well, Consumer Reports said.

And rechargeables like those made by Energizer and Duracell could be your best bet for use in digital cameras and favorite toys, Consumer Reports suggests.

For remote controls, flashlights and other devices, alkaline batteries might be your best bet since their charge could last you several years, while rechargeable ones can lose their charge over time, as MainStreet previously reported.

Consumers may not want to rule out store-brand batteries completely, however. Kirkland Signature AA batteries, sold at Costco only in packs of 48, lasted nearly as long as the Panasonic batteries, according to Consumer Reports.

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