Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Ghost Tree

After nearly two years of downtown ghost-hunting, one would think we at Ghost Hunters of Asheville would know the area like the back of our hand. We do ... until it changes! And change it does: Energies come and go, previously haunted locations go fallow, new places arise. It keeps the hunting exciting; you never know what to expect.

One evening our group stumbled across a seemingly haunted tree. Alerted when the meters went wild, we were able to isolate the area of the energy source. Laura Gonzalez of Chicago took a photo, capturing an orb. There were no meter readings the next night and no paranormal entities captured on film. The yellow orb was there again the third night. And so it went -- on and off -- for two weeks. Excepting one evening, there was a positive correlation between meter activity and orbs -- or no meter activity, no orbs. And now? Nothing. Ever. Just like before.

Every night, you just never know.

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