Tuesday, November 17, 2009

100 Years and Counting

Ghost Hunters of Asheville's newest tour takes a haunted stroll through Asheville's most elegant and historic neighborhood of Montford, seeking out the many spectres that reside there among the manses built between 1890 - 1920s. (I personally think the majority of Montford's homes are haunted and this is not a claim I make lightly.) Here is a prime example.

The Story Behind the Photo
The proprietors of the Inn on Montford 1900 were kind enough to share this photograph shot by a guest in their backyard. Famous psychic Sylvia Brown investigated this case, revealing that the middle figure is Elizabeth Anderson. In 1895, this young woman lost a golden locket on the then-barren lot. So focused on searching for the necklace, Elizabeth never heard the trolley coming. It struck her dead, and over 110 years later, she still roams the property in search of her precious necklace.

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