Thursday, September 24, 2009

Man Arrested!

Last night the Ghost Hunters of Asheville tour had yet another first: We saw someone arrested!

A lone man had approached our group on Church Street, eyeing us (no doubt trying to figure out what we were doing with all the flashing and beeping ghost equipment), and cheerfully yelling "Boo!" at us as he moved on down the street. Two blocks later we caught up to him, handcuffed and sitting on the curb, being questioned by officers. Another three blocks later, here he came -- strapped in the backseat of an electric police car on the way to jail. He'd been friendly enough, didn't seem inebriated, but we all agreed: There's just no dignity in being hauled to jail in the equivalent of a golf cart, strapped into the back seat so you don't fall out the side!

The ghosties were active -- orbs of many colors (rose red, pilot blue, white, and green) plus a spiritual fog between the City Hall and County buildings.

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Tim said...

LOL - very amusing. Very hard not to have schadenfreude at times :o)